Freeform Crochet



Craft: Crochet

Time:  3 hours
Number of students:  3-8
Skill Level:   Beginner- Advanced
Knowledge Needed:  Familiarity with Single, Double, and Slip Stitches.

Description:  Break free from the confines of rigid pattern instructions and create unique art!  Students will learn textural stitches such as bullion, puff, and crab.  Color theory, developing color schemes, and the concept of “scrumbling” will be discussed.   If desired, completed motifs can be attached to a hair clip or pinback purchased from the instructor.

Instructor provides:   Detailed, full-color illustrated handouts explaining several novel and unique stitches. Drawing paper.  Pinbacks, hair clips, colored felt.  Colored pencils, sewing thread and needle for use during class.

Class Fee: $40

Materials Fee: Pinbacks, and hair clips can be purchased during class as needed,

Student supplies:  A vivid imagination plus a box or bag of assorted yarns that are “ready to use” and already wound into balls or cakes.  Crochet hooks in assorted sizes suited to the yarn they’ve brought.  Scissors or snips.  A large tapestry needle, plus a removable stitch marker or safety pin. Quarters or dollars to purchase findings. Pencil and eraser.

OPTIONAL Student supplies:  Small-diameter dpn knitting needle, size 2 or smaller.  DO NOT purchase if you don’t already own.

OPTIONAL Homework:  If you need a creative jumpstart, find and bring an image with an inspiring color scheme from a magazine, book, or photograph.  Bring yarns to work with that match this image.


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