I knit so that I don’t kill anyone and you should too.  Knitting is better than sex, or at least causes your brain to release the same chemicals, plus, you can do it anywhere.  It’s been proven to help guard against dementia,  make you better at math, and fill your sock drawer.  Working with beautiful fibers, colors and textures enriches your life and keeps your brain young. I teach knitting, crochet, spinning, and color theory.   I encourage my students to challenge themselves to create beautiful items, while having a great time.  Join me for a class—it’s  MUCH cheaper than therapy!  Please note that most classes can be taught as private lessons or as part of ongoing tutoring, so please contact me and we can schedule a session.

Knitting for Beginners:  Next Steps and Video Review

Go Your Own Way with Freeform Crochet

Need for Speed:  Continental Style Knitting

Pushing Daisies:  Crochet A Vintage Potholder

Spinning Art Yarns

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