Yup, I’m gonna complain. And then perhaps fix some shit.

Welcome to my #The100dayproject2020! Most people do amazing art- bookmaking, astonishingly beautiful block prints, or give up after 3 days*. Me, I’m gonna Rant. Then, I’m gonna Rebuttal. I’m gonna argue that rant into a corner so it sneaks out a mouse hole and down into the storm drain.

Each day** I’ll link sources and additional material on this page.

*See first official Rant.
**Really, I swear I will. I promise. I should. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and I’m driving the gravel truck.


Day 32


Spicy Radish pickles:  This is, in my opinion, the best thing to do with radishes.  I basically follow the recipe, but I make sure to add the mustard seeds and garlic.  I suppose given enough spice and salt, any non-toxic substance becomes palatable.

Do Chua/ Vietnamese pickled carrot and radish:  I love this stuff so much. I love banh mi so much.  I never liked pate, even when I ate meat, but this sandwich is brilliant in all other respects. If you’re interested in a tofu banh mi, this recipe is similar to how I make it.

Carrot lox.  Holy crap, it is salty.  Think: sudden blood pressure spike, instant bloating salty. I combined two different recipes.  According to one, they need to marinate for 2 days in the fridge. I’ll update if they are worth a crap.

Day 27


You can hear the poem, all 13 minutes of it, on a bootleg YouTube video.

You can read the poem, all 1,075 words of it, at this website.

Day 26


I’ll link to a webpage giving you complete directions ASAP.  Please consider participating– takes about an hour, realistically, to film a 5 second clip.  I’ll let everyone who participates see the finished video before I post it to the intermess!

Day 25


I got to drive my car on the only Formula 1 Race track in the USA!!  The speed limit was 20mph, and the fastest I drove was 26.  Since my entire video is 17 minutes long, the average speed was a whopping 12mph.

The event raised over $200,000 for the Food Bank!

Day 14


Yotam Ottolenghi is a UK-based celebrity chef who wrote a beautiful cookbook called Plenty and everyone lost their minds like they’d never seen a cookbook featuring vegetables before.  (#4 on Amazon for Vegetarian Cookbooks)

Sweet was co-written with his pastry chef Helen Goh. Maybe it’s not just me, there’s quite a few errata.

The Sporkful is a great podcast, funny and unpretentious. This episode covers the recipe-writing plus the rewriting of the Joy of Cooking, one of the best-selling cookbooks of all time.

A few of my favorite cookbooks, in no particular order:

The Gift of Southern Cooking by Edna Lewis and Scott Peacock.  More than a cookbook, it’s the story of a friendship.  Plus, the recipes always work.  BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE RECIPE EVER.

Want to cook vegan?  Try anything by Isa Chandra Moskowitz.  You know how vegans get all preachy and make you want to stab them, rendering all hope of being an ethical human impossible?  Isa Chandra doesn’t do that.  You can tell she has a lot of fun cooking and eating, and the recipes aren’t some PETA-induced punishment involving acres of kale. The recipes tend to be conversational, with lots of substitutions and suggestions.

The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen.  Good, basic recipes that work.   You might use this so much that the binding cracks and you take it to a print shop to have it 3-hole drilled so that you can put it in a binder.  At least, that’s what happened to me.

Also, Check it!  I fixed that black-screen nonsense while still using iMovie to edit.

Day 13


Rebuttal:  I researched this a little, on outdated forum chats and the like.  No great answers but I think I found a simple solution.  Download the movie to my camera roll, then upload to Instagram as usual. I think this fixes it, plus it’s easier to add tags.

Day 12


ABGB.  This place really is the best.  I’ll see you out there soon!

Day 11


I get mine from Johnson’s Backyard Garden.  It’s nice to be able to customize, put your subscription on hold, and make substitutions.  No more disgusting fennel!

Day 10


Day 9


I listened to an audiobook called Finish: Give yourself the Gift of Done by Jon Acuff.  I wouldn’t buy it, too long on anecdotes and short on hard data but I got some good tips:

  1.  Beware of perfectionism, it stands in total opposition to goal completion
  2. Cut your goals in half, or double the time you estimate to complete them.
  3. Make your goals fun. (Way ahead of you, buddy. I listen to comedy and true crime podcasts while I clean. )

Day 8


Gotta admit, Seth Myers is really nailing this topic when it comes to Cheeto in Chief.  Check him out on TV, podcast, or youtube.

Day 7


We groom our dogs with equipment from  PetEdge, but not usually the nails.

Day 6


We use a toothbrush stored in Barbicide to clean our nails.  It’s what the combs in barber shops are kept in.

I’m counting in Italian, using GP Deck 2 from Gig Posters. Jenny’s counting loquat fruit in Spanish on her beautiful backyard tree.

Day 5


Special guest!  When Mark says he’s playing cards, he means he’s playing Cribbage with Grandpas on his phone.  It’s awesome.   ZuZu is definitely closer than 6 feet.

Day 4


I learn how to use time-lapse. And I get slightly better at voiceover.   The stoplights are from a card game called Mille Bornes.

Day 3


Clutter is a struggle for us creative types- we need supplies!  And we tend to be “collectors”. (Also called “hoarders” when the “collection” isn’t curated.)

The majority of tidying experts basically tell you to get rid of everything. Sure, do that.  It’s called arson.  Start that minimalist lifestyle with just the clothes on your back.

As an alternative, I recommend Dana K. White.  Check her out!  I particularly like her “container” concept. (it’s not what you think. you don’t need fancy shelving.)  Her podcast is particularly motivating while you’re tidying.

Day  2



I applaud all of the DIY mask making – I’ve seen some hilarious and clever versions.  I’m proud of all of the individual makers who are trying their best to meet an impossible demand at a difficult time.

The fear, the uncertainty, the gross incompetence of our leadership, It all makes me remember something Kurt Vonnegut proposed:  “Secretary of the Future”; someone whose job it is to prepare for what may come.*

Video notes:  Harbor Freight is a place for working folk to buy cheap tools.  At my job in a wealthy part of town, I’ve seen a lot of people wearing drywall masks, blue dust masks, full face visors, safety googles, etc. I’d lay odds they don’t know their Phillips from their flat head

This is similar to the actual hat I saw on a customer.

Using iMovie again, I edited this video down from 2+  minutes to 1.  I learned to alter clips by adding a filter,  change volume, and changing speed.

*Actual quote:  ” Look, I’ll tell you. It’s one thing that no cabinet had ever had, is a Secretary Of The Future. And there are no plans at all for my grandchildren and my great grandchildren.

Day 1 Rebuttal
Confronting Failure

I logged into my website.  For the first time in an embarrassingly long time.

For the the first time ever: I used iMovie to chop the video down to 59 seconds!  I split the film into clips and shortened them.

I decided all new videos will be under a minute, ’cause, honestly, who wants to watch 8 minutes of Instagram.

I made myself laugh. A lot. My favorite young person used to say “I’m cracking my own self up” and laugh for 5 minutes straight standing where she stood.  It was the epitome of hilarious.

I phoned (texted) a friend.  I asked my previous and future exercise buddy what she thought about the video. She likes the wrapping paper bit best.

I remembered how much I love to write.

ZuZu photobombed us.

So, #the100dayproject, I think we got this.